• 8-9 November, 2017

The Polish Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction together with the European Aviation Safety Agency and the Civil Aviation Authority of the Republic of Poland organise an international High Level Conference on Cybersecurity in Civil Aviation as a response of the aviation community to threats that the sector is facing.

Aviation is a 100 years old industry and it is one of the fastest growing and innovative transport sectors. Every day brings changes. New types of aircraft are being created and new information technologies are being implemented to make aviation more efficient, making it at the same time more vulnerable to cyber attacs.

Due to aviation the world became accessible. It is a truly global industry. Therefore, the cybersecurity challenge needs a coordinated action at regional and global levels, where the European Union needs to play its leading role.

Cybersecurity is also a common challenge for all transport modes: aviation, as well as rail, road, and maritime transport. Therefore, during the conference the issue will be analyzed from various angles.

Security is a routine exercise. It is repeated day by day. However, in order to be efficient, one needs to adapt to new threats, new technologies as well as new methods of working.

During the two days of the conference the speakers will indicate the role of state institutions, explore the false sense of safety, define how to manage information securely and discuss the role of end to end certification in order to strengthen the chain.

2017/11/08 09:00:00